Membership Roster 2018

2018 NH Fire Prevention Society Membership – last updated 10/30/2018

Alcaidinho, John; Chief; Newton Fire & Rescue

Anderson, Eric; ; Dover Fire & Rescue

Andrus, Daniel; Fire Chief; Concord Fire Department

Anstey Jr, Ronald; Section Chief, Plans Review & Engineering Section; NH State Fire Marshalls Office

Baraby, William; Lt./Investigator; Westport Fire Department

Bates, John; Fire Prevention Officer; Keene Fire Department

Benard, Joseph; Deputy Director; Department of Public Safety, Division of Fire Safety

Bernard, Robert; Captain/Fire Inspector; Town of Ogunquit

Bodien Jr, Charles; Captain; Franklin Fire Department

Boggis, George; Deputy Fire Chief; Hollis Fire Department

Bonney, Evan; Captain; Newmarket Fire/Rescue

Borkowski, Ryan; Building Inspector; Town of Hanover

Brown, Troy; ; Dover Fire & Rescue

Burke, Helen; Firefighter-EMT-Intermediate; Greenville Fire Rescue

Burrage, C. Casey; Fire Inspector; Town of Rindge – Fire Department

Buttrick, Bruce; Zoning Administrator; Town of Hudson

Cady, Mitchell; Deputy Fire Inspector; Manchester Fire Department

Child, Loring R.; Fire Inspector; Salem Fire Rescue Department

Clark, Shana; Investigator; NH State Fire Marshalls Office

Cline, Audrey; Code Enforcement Officer; City of Durham

Clogston, Casino; Fire Chief; Plymouth Fire Department

Coen, Allen R; President; Coen Consulting Services

Collins, Mark; Plans Examinier; City of Nashua

Comer, Joseph; Assistant Fire Chief (Retired);

Connor, William; Fire Prevention Officer; Goffstown Fire Department

Copp, Fred; Retired Chief;

Costello, Michael; Captain; Henniker Fire & Rescue

Cotter, Patrick; Fire Marshal; Sanford Fire Dept.

Cummings, Robert; Engineer; Robert Cummings & Associates, PLLC

Currier, Michael; Fire Chief; Merrimack Fire & Rescue

Cutrer, Peter; Principal; 7Cs Consulting

Dardano, Ronald; Officer; Milton Academy/Campus Safety

DeBlois, Ron; President; DeBlois Risk Services PLLC

Delaney, Timothy; Investigator; Afterburn Investigations, LLC

Dexter Jr, Paul; Fire Chief; Sanbornton Fire Department

DiBartolomeo, Jeff; Lieutenant; Rye Fire Department

DiBartolomeo, Michael; Building Inspector; Town of Salem

Donnelly, Sean; Sr. Fire Protection Engineer; JS Consulting Engineers, LLC

Donovan, Rickard; Chief; Rindge Fire Department

Drouin, Michael; ; Dover Fire & Rescue

Dube, Steven; Fire Prevention Officer; Hudson Fire Department

Dupuis, Mark; Assistant Chief; City of Rochester

Duval, Robert; Northeast Regional Director/Sr. Fire Investigator; NFPA

Emanuelson, Jeffrey; Deputy Chief – Fire Marshall; Salem Fire Rescue Department

Farley, Robert; Deputy State Fire Marshal; NH State Fire Marshalls Office

Foote, Larry; Inspector; Newton Fire Department

Gallagher, Stephen; Engineer; City of Portsmouth

Giardiello, John; Professional Engineer; John Giardiello

Govostes, Jennifer; Lieutenant/Fire Inspector; Town of Hollis Fire Department

Grant, Jason; Captain; Raymond Fire Department

Greene, Jason; Lieutenant; Exeter Fire Department

Hagan, Michael; Code Enforcement Officer; City of Keene

Hammond, Paul; Fire Chief; Raymond Fire Department

Hatcher, Matthew; Firefighter/EMT; New Ipswich Fire Department

Haughton, Kristen E; Fire Inspector; Hampton Falls Fire Rescue

Hebert, David; Inspector; Hudson Fire Department

Heinrich, Fred; Battalion Chief; Londonderry Fire & Rescue

Hinsley, Michael; Deputy Fire Chief; Hanover Fire Department

Hodge, John; Fire Inspector / EMT; Pelham Fire Department

Houde, Ricky; Northeast Regional Sales Manager; Notifier by Honeywell

Howe, Patrick; Fire Investigator; City of Portsmouth Fire Department

Jackson, Scott; Assistant Fire Chief; Derry Fire Department

Jalbert, Rebecca; Fire & Life Safety Inspector; Dover Fire & Rescue

Jarvis, Theresa; Staff Instructor/Retired; NH Fire Academy

Johnson , Brian; Division Chief; Londonderry Fire & Rescue

Jones, Ken; ; Meredith Fire Department

Joubert, Timothy; Deputy Fire Chief; Tilton-Northfield Fire & EMS

Kiehl, Ken; Assistant Life Safety Officer; Concord Fire Department

Knowles, Scott; Firefighter; Town of Milford Fire Department

Kowalik, Beverly; Project Manager; Bureau of Public Works

Lawrence, Rodney; Code Officer; Hinsdale Fire Department

Lennon, Peter; Fire Marshal; Manchester Fire Department

Lysy, John; Loss Control Specialist/Trainer; AmTrust North America

MacCaffrie, Mary; Public Education Administrator; Department of Safety, Office of the State Fire Marshal

Manuele, John; Fire Marshal; Merrimack Fire Rescue

Martin, Robert; Fire Inspector; Salem Fire Rescue Department

Mattson, Eric; Fire Inspector; Swanzey Fire Department

Maxfield, James; Building/Electrical Inspector; City of Dover

McKinney, William; Building Official; City of Nashua

McShane, Michael; ; Dover Fire & Rescue

Michaud, Dawn; Building Inspector/Asst Plans Examiner; City of Nashua

Miller, Blake; Electrical Inspector; Town of Salem

Morong, Mark; Building Inspector; Town of Stratham

Morrison, Thomas; Deputy Chief; Plymouth Fire Department

Mullin, Paul; Sr. Technical Consultant; LWG Consulting

Murphy, Jeff; Principal Engineer; SFC Engineering Partnership, Inc.

Neily, Philip; Building Inspector/Fire Inspector; Town of Enfield

Nelson, Barry; Deputy Fire Inspector; Jefferson Fire Department

Nielsen, Sheryl; Public Education Specialist; NH Department of Safety – Fire Marshal’s Office

Ober, Bradley; Deputy Chief; Gilford Fire & Rescue

O’Brien, John; Deputy Fire Chief; Hudson Fire Department

O’Connell III, Robert E.; AHJ Liaison; Tri-State Fire Protection, LLC

Paine, Jr., William; Fire Prevention Officer; Hampton Fire Rescue

Parisi, Paul; State Fire Marshal; NH State Fire Marshalls Office

Pike, Caleb; Lt.; Tuftonboro Fire & Rescue

Pineo, James; Chief; Wolfeboro Fire & Rescue

Pixley, Christopher; Captain/Shift Commander; Claremont Fire Department

Pizon, Justin; Assistant Chief; Exeter Fire Department

Plumer, Sean; Sr. Consultant/Fire & Explosion; Envista Forensics

Pouliot, Adam; Assistant/Superintendent; Nashua Fire Rescue

Powers, John; Deputy Chief; City of Rochester Fire Department

Putney, Chad; Solutions Engineer; Pulsar Alarm Systems

Reale, Steve; Inspector; Franklin Fire Department

Riggs, Steve; National Instructor/Investigator; PATC/JJMA Investigations

Rivard, Jody; Superintendent of Communications; Manchester Fire Department

Roediger, Carl; Deputy Chief; City of Portsmouth Fire Department

Rouleau-Cote, Carrie; Building Official; Town of Auburn

Rowe, Jeff; Fire Chief; Kennebunk Fire Rescue

Royea, Jean-Paul; Lieutenant/Fire Inspector; Brookline Fire Department

Ruchala, Kurt; Director; Jensen Hughes

Ryder, Corey; Building Inspector; Town of Wolfeboro

Santa, Michael; Code Administrator; City of Concord

Sapochetti, Jennifer; Principal; JS Consulting Engineers, LLC

Sargent, Howard; Deputy Chief; Sunapee Fire Department

Schoenrock, John; Principal; JS Consulting Engineers, LLC

Seaman, Bill; ; Town of Kingston Fire Department

Shea, Colin; Lt.; Hollis Fire / Brookline Fire

Sirois, Paul; Fire Marshal; Concord Fire Department

Skantze, Norman; Fire Chief; Swanzey Fire Department

Smedick, Jason; Captain/Fire Prevention Officer; Town of Milford Fire Department

Smigelski, Wendy; LSC Specialist; State of NH/DHHS/BHFA

Smith, Stephen; Firefighter/Fire Prevention Assistant; Tilton-Northfield Fire & EMS

St. Cyr, Paul; Lieutenant/Fire Prevention Officer; Epping Fire Dept.

Stafford Jr, Kenneth; Fire Chief; Hillsboro Fire-EMS

Stanchina, Riley; Asst. Fire Marshal; Mecklenburg County

Stanhope, Michael D.; Lieutenant/Fire Prevention; Derry Fire Department

Symonds, Scott; Fire Inspector; Peterborough & Merrimack Fire/Rescue

Tavitian, Martin; Lieutenant; North Hampton Fire & Rescue

Teague, Daniel; Inspector/Investigator; Nashua Fire Rescue/Fire Marshal’s Office

Thompson, Adam; Fire Chief; Tuftonboro Fire & Rescue

Toomey, Sean; Deputy State Fire Marshal; NH State Fire Marshalls Office

Towne, Richard; Fire Chief; Town of Hollis

Triolo, Joseph; Inspector; Hudson Fire Department

True, Jonathan; Fire Chief; Kensington Fire Rescue

Tyler, Donald; Fire Marshal; Pittsfield Fire Department

Warnock, William; Deputy Chief; Hampstead Fire Department

Wheeler, Shawn; Firefighter – Paramedic; City of Portsmouth Fire Department

White, Edward; Captain; Greenville Fire Rescue

Whitford, Wayne; Fire Prevention Officer; Newbury Fire Department

Williams, Mike; Fire Safety Supervisor; Dartmouth College

Wood , Richard; Director & Emergency Management; UMASS Lowell – Environmental & Emergency Management

Zannini , Samuel; Plumbing, Gas, & Mechanical Inspector; Town of Salem

Zotti, Thomas; Deputy Chief; Wolfeboro Fire & Rescue