NH Youth Firesetter Task Force

NH Youth Firesetter Task Force was established in an effort to provide NH Fire Departments and our communities throughout the state with greater resources and communication relating to the issue of youth firesetting. The mission of the NH Youth Firesetter Task Force is to provide the State of NH with an understanding of who/what a Youth Firesetter is, the costs and ramifications related to this behavior, and to educate communities on what interventions and resources are available throughout the state.

Whether a youth is merely curious about fire, making a cry for help, attempting to control the adult world, or engaging in delinquent behavior, it is extremely dangerous for children to use fire. Youths who use fire can be helped but they must receive the right kind of help. The reason a child uses fire must be identified by a trained professional and addressed. Each child must be evaluated and given the correct intervention program. Intervention programs vary, typically containing one of more of the following: education, psychological treatment or community service.

October 2017

This post contains two important items regarding NH Youth Firesetter Information:

  1. Need to Increase Youth Firesetter Reporting
  2. Youth Firesetter Intervention and Education Guideline

Please take a moment to read this information and save the attached data collection form for future reporting.
NEED TO INCREASE REPORTING – FORM Attached you will find the updated NH State Fire Marshal’s Office Youth Firesetter Reporting Form. This form is also available online at: https://www.nh.gov/safety/divisions/firesafety/special-operations/pub_ed/Juveniles.html  (This section of our website will be updated with additional Youth Firesetter information in the near future.)

By improving, and increasing, our data collection through the use of this form, it will assist in providing the NH State Fire Marshal’s Office with:

  1. Data on NH Youth Firesetting Behaviors and Offenders.
  2. Financial Support – With more solid statistical data through increased reporting, we can seek out opportunities to gain financial support through grants which would allow us to assist fire departments with necessary funding
  3. Intervention -Assist in developing more effective intervention strategies
  4. Awareness – Develop a stronger community awareness in youth firesetting behaviors statewide

PLEASE fill out this privacy compliant form with EVERY YFS incident that you become aware of no matter the size or severity. Should you be a non-fire department agency reporting this information, we ask that you write your agency in the Fire Department Identification Number (FDID#) space provided at the top of the form. Upon completing this form, please save the information and email it to FMO@dos.nh.gov.

I am currently working hard to meet with every individual certified in at least Youth Firesetter I to provide them (and their agency) with the Youth Firesetter Intervention and Education Guideline. This guideline is designed as a professional resource to guide and assist communities and regional organizations in creating, operating and managing an effective Youth Firesetter Intervention & Education program.  Please reach out to me today to schedule a meeting. FMO@dos.nh.gov

Thank you greatly for your time and support in youth firesetting intervention.
Be Safe~
Shana Clark

Youth Firesetter Intervention & Education Office of the State Fire Marshal
33 Hazen Dr
Concord NH 03305
Telephone 603-223-4289 Fax 603-223-4294

WEB Site Address http://www.nh.gov/safety/divisions/firesafety

DOWNLOAD NH Data Collection Form HERE