Paul St. Cyr2nd VP

: Epping Fire Department: 2022:


    Serving the Fire Service since 1990 / NHFPS since 2018

    Fire prevention is part of risk management which saves more lives in the long run. The safer we can make our communities, the better outcome for all of us. I always tell my staff that part of saving lives and property is preventing any incidents before they happen.

    I enjoy being part of an organization that shares my views on public safety and we have a wide variety of talents to help conquer any hazard or issues currently and for the future. Together, we can save more lives by collaborating on the topics if fire prevention and investigation.

    I look forward to continue building this organization to work as a group and other agencies such as the Building Officials, Fire Marshal’s office and the NH Fire standards and training to accomplish our goals of life safety and fire prevention.