The NH Fire Prevention Society was organized to be the voice of Life Safety in the State of NH. The purpose of the organization is to unite, for mutual benefit, the members of the Society engaged in fire prevention and code enforcement and to promote cooperation and assistance among interested groups through education and communication.

The five “E’s” of our primary concern:

Education (safety):  The process of preventing or altering specific unsafe behaviors through raising awareness and imparting information and knowledge to change attitudes and produce safer behaviors.

Engineering: A form of intervention used to change structures, products, and processes through the use of improved technology, materials, construction, and environmental change to provide a greater level of safety for property and occupants.

Enforcement: The creation and adoption of codes and ordinances and requirements for compliance to ensure that people, structures, and associated systems adhere to the safest practices.

Economic Incentives: The use of monetary rewards or threats to motivate improved compliance toward safer behaviors.

Emergency Response: The need for well trained and adequately staffed teams of first responders for risk reduction during later stages of risk development when other interventions have failed.

While we take the time in a daily lives to prevent fires, mitigate hazards and enforce better practices, we understand that we have a responsibility to work cooperatively in order to achieve voluntary compliance.  We are obligated to find ways to make the other parties want to be safer, smarter and in compliance with nationally recommended standards and practices.

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